underrail.info is an Underrail fansite for info and tools that can't be hosted on the game's official wiki.

The site was started with the character build tool in 2015, as a side project to learn basic HTML5, CSS3 and JS skills. As a challenge, I've tried to get 100% PageSpeed scores on zero-budget web hosting: Everything is well optimized.

This frontpage is served with less than Six kB data transferred total. The character build calculator serves all of its code/data, 4 fonts and hundreds of icons in less than 250 kB transferred. For comparison, the average page load (in 2016) is over 2.5 MB. Simple websites don't need to be bloated!

Tools hosted on this site have no critical server-side code and will work offline if saved or cached locally; your browser does all the heavy lifting.

This site is not affiliated with Stygian Software. Copyrighted material from Underrail used with permission from Stygian Software.
Smaller & mildly useless junk.

CustomConfig.xml - Custom config for that displays technical zone names in-game when holding Alt. Save to Underrail profile folder (Documents\My Games\Underrail\).

precision.html - Hit chance calculator for the basic attack skill vs defense skill part.

initiative.html - Initiative roll visualizer based on actual random rolls, with options to change the default d15 and the number of rolls.

underrailCalc.html - A skill calculator by jagged-jim.

hypothermiathingy.html - Calculates additional health loss caused by Cryokinesis with Hypothermia's Constitution reduction.