Underrail Mutagen Combinator Mk.II

What is this?
A helper for Underrail's mutagen puzzle. It won't outright give you a solution, but it is a whole lot more convenient than using pen & paper or spreadsheets to manage your mutagens. Compared to Biocorp's original Mutagen Combinator back in Hollow Earth, this one has an undo button that lets you go one step back. Technology! You will still need to read mutagens at the scanner and copypaste (Ctrl+C copies current dialog text!) them here, as they are unique for each playthrough.

There are two optional hints for making the puzzle easier. These can be toggled on/off at any time.
- The first scans reagents for unremovable positive atoms that aren't present in Exitus-1 and disables any such reagents.
- The second highlights atoms based on your Exitus-1 and current compound, making it easy to see at a glance what each atom will do.

- Make absolutely sure you copied your mutagens correctly! Typos are common and this page can't catch them all.
- If you're playing version 1.0.4.* or newer, you can copy your mutagen scan results with Ctrl+C.
- You don't strictly need all mutagens to start, but the puzzle likely won't be solvable without a full set.

Once you've entered your reagents and are ready to start solving, click "Check & lock reagents". This will check your reagents for certain obvious typos and locks them in place if everything seems ok. At this point your reagents are also sent to Dude, who will try to solve your puzzle with the power of mushroom brew. This will take anywhere between few nanoseconds to few seconds. We will let you know if he thinks your puzzle is solvable.

Feedback? Contact me through Underrail forums, here.


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